CITRINE LLC is a female-led consultancy established in 2020. A creative thinker providing e-services tailored to the needs of boutique retailers, creatives, artists, filmmakers and non-profits, founder MANUELA FASSBENDER brings a unique sensibility. Wired with a fashion background, she naturally transitioned to branding and e-commerce in the mid-2000s.

As an entrepreneur, Manuela is a multi-disciplinary creative director and start-up specialist. An urbanite, she resides in the rural countryside amongst trees, cows and fox on the East Coast (U.S.A). With a passion for well - crafted digital experiences, Manuela believes beauty - in all its forms - inspires, empowers and drives the creative process.

A Berliner, Manuela is multilingual, an avid skier and marathon runner. In pursuit of inspiration and strong concepts, she strives to translate those into great execution and extraordinary experiences.